İstituto di Moda Burgo, İstanbul OPEN DAY –on January 13th from 10:00 a.m till 18:00 pm .

You will have the possibility to visit our classroom,discover our projects from ex students .

Meet our Director Meliha Nuket Türel and Coordinator Sonat Yavuzkal and our teachers, having the opportunity to plan  your studies and expectations.

The institute was founded by the Publisher Fernando Burgo ,who thanks to his 50 years experience in the fashion world,has brought real experince and succesful to the school system grown and improved with fashion development.

The quality and the fast learning process is achived by the following factors:

İndividual lessons,exclusive educational system  composed of unique boks and instruments,highly qualified staff and limited number of students per teacher as a guarantee of optimal learning.

You can contact us from the number +90 0212 234 82 83 or e-mail us from and

You can also book and joın one of our workshops


10.30 a.m. – Introduction to the Fashion Design course ,Duration:30 min

11.00. a.m – Introduction to the Fashion Stylist course ,Duration:30 min.

15.00  p.m. – Introduction to the Dressmaking course ,Duration: 30 min.

16.00  p.m. – Information about Fashion History Course , Duration: 30 min.

17.00  p.m. – Draping workshop ,Duration: 30 min.


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