About Us

The institute was founded by the Publisher Fernando Burgo who, thanks to over 50 years experience in fashion World, brought real skilss and success to the IMB school system.

We ask for your attention and commitment and in exchange we will offer you all the instruments to join the work system. Our satisfaction is to see that you are interested and motivated and that you are growing in an intellectual, artistic and technical way.

Our Study Method

İstituto Di Moda Burgo’s teaching method is based on individual lessons.The teachers give to each one a personal explanation which is related  to the level of the student and his cultural backgorund.

This teaching methos allows :

  • To create and excellent relationship with the experinced teachers(our teachers are graduated from Burgo Milano)
  • To focus on some aspects which the student need to study in depth due to his level,
  • To skip some aspects which the student already knows due to his level
  • To start course at the beginning of every month if the sits are available (except August due to summer vacations).
  • The teacher has a limited number of students.
  • Unique programs and didactic books created by İstituto di Moda Burgo.
  • Professional staff who works in the Fashion field and loves to  share his/her experience with the students.

Our Books

The courses of İstitıto di Moda Burgo are opened to everyone, beginners interested in the charming world of fashion, advanced who want to specialize with our experts for a vocational upgrade.

The exclusive teaching method is characterized by close attention to the individuality of each student and supported by unique textbooks.

‘’İl Modelismo’’
‘’Il Figurino’’


One of the most influential pattermaking book in the world. For over 20 years ,a reference for fashion professionals and basic training of the IMB courses.


Due to its simplicity and the quality of the graphics it has become an essential tool for Fashion Designers who can also find some important informations for preparing Professional collections.

Our Programs

Fashion Stylist
Fashion Designer
Pattern Making
Fashion Design Courses

Jewellery Design, Man’s Wear Design, Woman’s Wear Design,  Children’s Wear Design, Underwear Design, Shoes Design,  Accessories Design,  Beachwear Design,  Theatre Costume Design, Wedding Dress Design

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Istituto di Moda Burgo in the World


The Istituto di Moda Burgo is a school at 100% made in Italy, which became a guarantee of quality and uniqueness in a city like Milan, where many fashion schools were sold to foreign partners. Style, methodology and Italian passion that the Institute has exported in many fashion schools abroad, as in Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Greece, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Jordan, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland and can also count collaborations with public and private universities and fashion schools in countries such as Japan, China, Austria, Singapore, New Zealand and many others…