Istituto Moda di Burgo is a school of Fashion centered at Milano Italy.
This school has branches at different parts of the World and they all work with the same education system Some of these countries are Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Greece, China, Maleysia, South Africa, Jordan, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Egypt, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Nigeria, Soviet Union and Switzerland.

Our education system is very personalized.The instructors are individually following every student
And making sure that the student has fully understood every subject before moving to the next one.

Yes, we do give support to our students to find a job.
and try to find training opportunities for them.

There are no enterance exams.We believe that all students can develop their
talents if they are given a good education.

All students who have completed their first year can apply to continue
their education in Italy . Assuming that they provide the formalities
for an Italian visa themselves, they can go to Italy for further studies.

All trainee request from textile companies are shared with our students.

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